1. Revised Coca-Cola Campaign

For this first piece I was given the task to choose a bad advertisement and improve it for my Advertising Portfolio class. I found Coke had released the campaign above which I thought was bad quality. It is a diagram that tells the story of an older man who leaves a bank and a gang member approaches him. Instead of attacking, the gang member helps the older man cross the road. I liked the message of looking at the world a little differently, but the picture is too confusing and the print is way too small and time consuming to read.

Morning: Stay at Home Dad

I wanted to keep the message of looking at the world a little differently but I decided to change the scene and create a story in 3 ads. In our society a stay at home father seems to be more uncommon than a stay at home mother. So I made the picture a father playing with the baby on the couch while the mother is heading out on her way to work.
Created with: Adobe Photoshop.

Noon: Mom & Mom

In the second piece of the campaign I wanted to show one parent at work and the stay at home parent with the child on the phone with each other around noon. ButI changed the couple to two women instead. This picture keeps with the theme of having a stay at home parent but it encourages the world to be more open to a same sex marriage between two women. Created with: Adobe Photoshop.

Afternoon: Dinner with Dads

The last piece of this campaign shows when the working parent got home from work. I changed the couple to two fathers. The stay at home dad is already preparing the dinner which was discussed on the phone at noon. As you can see this campaign shows us to look at the world a little differently and this story can take place with any family.Created with: Adobe Photoshop.